Monday, September 8, 2014

"To read makes our speaking English good."

To commemorate the start of my third year as a mature student at university, here's a summary of what I have learned so far:
  1. You're completely out of touch when you're the only person in the room who's never heard of Angela Carter.

  2. Nobody under the age of 21 knows how to spell or put a grammatically correct sentence together. A lot of people over the age of 21 don't know, either - especially lecturers.

  3. You're really old if you DON'T think Jane Eyre caved in to patriarchal norms and abandoned her 'goal' of attaining some version of feminist independence when she married Rochester.

  4. There's a hell of a lot more sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll in C18th-19th poetry than high school English lessons led me to believe.

  5. Advertising is pretty cool.

  6. Advertising is the spawn of Satan.

  7. Sorry, somebody has already written about that.

  8. Some people actually think that Roger Moore is the best Bond.
In the immortal words of Xander Harris, 'Guess I'm done with the book learning!'

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