Tuesday, April 29, 2014

We didn't have to wait long - Star Wars VII cast announced

I must have had some kind of premonition when I wrote the previous post this morning, but we didn't have to wait until Sunday.  

The official announcement of the Episode VII cast was made during the day over at www.StarWars.com.  There are some familiar names in there (I have to wonder just how many characters Andy Serkis will be playing) and some new ones (I hope you're prepared for this, Daisy Ridley).

No Zac Efron, but definitely Oscar Isaac; also Domhnall Gleeson, whom I really like (that's Bill Weasley, to Potter fans), so I'm pleased about him.

The other newbies are John Boyega (from Attack the Block), Adam Driver (from Girls) and Max Von Sydow (from...well, pretty much everything).

Mind you, they still haven't told us much, but I suppose that's not likely to change.  So we wait, anticipating 18 December 2015....

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