Thursday, April 3, 2014

UPDATE on my previous post - practical things you can do to help

Following on from my earlier post, here are some practical things you can do to help people with JHS (or similar), CFS and/or depression:
  •  If they’re sick, do some food shopping for them.
  • Help them to carry heavy loads.
  • Be aware of noise levels when they’re trying to sleep.
  • Offer them a lift in your car.
  • Offer to go for short walks with them.
  • Don’t stop inviting them to things because they can’t come once or twice (but don’t pressure them into coming, either).
  • Think about going around to their place for a movie night – it’s easier for them than going out.
  • Help them with cooking (chopping vegetables can be incredibly difficult), changing bedding and vacuuming.
  • Think of things to do that don’t involve too much social or physical effort.
  • If you’re out at a restaurant, pay attention to whether they’re having trouble cutting their food – offer to give them a hand if so.
  • Don’t try to offer ‘helpful’ suggestions when they just want to vent.  Sometimes, there is no solution and they already know it.
  • Talk things through with them to help them get clarity or stop a negative-thought spiral.
  • Give them plenty of notice about events, and make sure there’s appropriate seating available at the venue.
  • Don’t pressure them for a phone call – use email, so they can reply in their own time.
  • Understand that they’re more angry at, frustrated with or disappointed in themselves and their situation than they are you.
  • Give them space first thing in the morning and don’t expect a cheery greeting.
  • Recognise that they may need you to repeat instructions – it doesn’t mean they weren’t listening the first time.
  • Realise that simple tasks can take major effort.
  • Understand that every day is different – because something’s easy one day (or even one moment) doesn’t mean it will be so the next.
  • Ask them what their individual needs are.

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