Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Issue 2 - Never Without Controversy: The MTV Awards

The MTV Awards are usually an interesting study, but this year's Movie Awards, in particular, confirmed a number of things for me:
  • Sandra Bullock is still one of my favourite celebs (and one of the most down-to-earth).
  • I have no desire to see any more of Sacha Baron Cohen's naked backside than I already have.
  • Kings of Leon are one of the best rock bands of my generation. (Good to see America is finally waking up to them.)
  • Keeping the camera trained on expressive faces – like Rob Pattinson's and Zachary Quinto's – during comedic moments is always good value.
  • Kristen Stewart has a better sense of humour than people give her credit for.
  • Ben Stiller can actually act – he managed to look engaged, even interested, all the way through the longest, most rambling and ultimately strangest introduction I've ever witnessed. Oh, and he has great hair. That's completely irrelevant, but true, nonetheless.
  • J.J. Abrams is now even closer to the top of my list of people I desperately want to work with.
  • Somebody needs to teach Lil Wayne a few home-truths. Like, "That ego-trip of a speech made you look even more like a dope than you already do."
  • Plugging family members' careers irritates the heck out of me. I don't care if you are Denzel Washington.
  • I like Jim Carrey more and more as time goes by.
  • Twilight rip-offs are funny, even if you're a Twilight fan.
  • I think I just inadvertently and very publicly admitted that I'm a Twilight fan.
  • Damn.
The MTV Awards (...actually, most award shows...) has never really been known for the quality of its comedy. Still, perhaps it's time to consider a different style of host. Andy Samberg can range from hilarious (e.g. one of the night's highlights, for me: the song, "Explosions") to pathetically un-funny (e.g. whatever-the-heck that piece of stupidity/waste of talent with LeAnn Rimes, Chris Isaak and Forrest Whitaker was). Unfortunately, the un-funny moments seemed to outweigh the genius ones - unless I'm completely missing something, I just don't find fairly well-respected celebrities singing expletive-packed nonsense particularly original or entertaining.

I've been mulling over some options for hosts...Hugh Jackman did a stellar job at the Academy Awards, so I suppose the MTV Awards would be a bit of a step down for him...I would suggest Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto - the most refreshingly natural comedic team in a long time - but, considering the incredible success of Star Trek, I imagine they'll be too busy accepting awards next year to hand them out...David Tennant? That'd be cool, but the humour might be a bit too sophisticated for some viewers...seeing as Twilight is likely to dominate the Awards for the next few years, maybe they should just go the whole hog and have "the Cullens" host it. There's 8 of them - at least there'd be something for everyone...Paul Rudd. We love Paul Rudd...or how about we go back to one of the greats? I'd give a lot to see someone like Bill Cosby in the hot seat...arghh...who am I kidding? Like that'd ever happen.

Some final thoughts:
  • Biggest controversy - The internet has been buzzing with speculation for the last two days. Everyone had their opinion about the Eminem/Bruno stunt. All I can say is, props to Eminem for putting himself through it. Nice to see he (apparently) has a sense of humour.
  • Biggest beef - Megan Fox: you get to make movies with both Optimus Prime and Shia LaBeouf. This means your life is pretty good. Please smile.
  • Weirdest date combo - What the heck was Catherine Hardwick doing there with Billy Zane?
  • Best outfit - The little number J.J. Abrams wore for his keyboard solo.
  • Best "D'oh!" moment - Kristen Stewart dropping her trophy (nice cover, by the way). Honorary mention to Shia LaBeouf for not checking beforehand how to pronounce "Cam Gigandet".
  • Pet hate - To everyone, on every award show ever made: you don't need to bend down - the microphone can pick you up!!


  1. You Twilight fan you... they sparkle... THEY SPARKLE!

  2. Hopefully they won't sparkle in the next one... or make that stupid sparkly noise.

  3. This is awesomeness. I don't even have to watch it, I get the rundown here.

    I vote for Bret & Jemaine as hosts.

  4. ugh! The sparkly noise! Whose bright idea was that one, I ask?! And why haven't they been fired?
    Bret and Jermaine...I like your thinking. But only if Bret can do his Angry Dance.